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This site hopes to enlighten, edify, and detail various opinions on what it means to be a progressive/liberal/socialist in American society today. We also attempt to create dialogue & an exchange of ideas, even from those opposed to the Progressive Liberal “agenda”. We always hope that it would take course in a civil and polite manner, but we hold out no real expectation of that. We are realists.

For instance….There is NO WAR on Christmas, as some would have you believe. If there is, CHRISTMAS won!

HOWEVER, to be sure, there is a culture war in this country. It will never be won or lost. Only the front lines will move and shift like a ping pong ball in a desert dust storm. However, I do like to think that the present pendulum swing is on “our” side. It always has been. From the dawn of civilized society, our overall culture has become slowly more LIBERAL over the years, not the other way around. Morality, values, and expectations have slowly “evolved” into more progressively liberal versions. There’s no denying this truth.

By the way, I use the word “socialist” purposefully in order to at least try to un-demonize the very meaning that the word conjures among conservative and moderate citizens alike. The term socialist also is misunderstood by liberals and progressives in many cases. It is sometimes given a powerful meaning that would fulfill the fears of the conservative, but truly disappoint the most ardent of liberals, in most cases.

We are a socialist society. Everyday-programs, sponsored independently by the public sector, individuals, companies and the government, contribute partly or in whole to a socialist environment. Programs that are expected and loved by the great majority of the most conservative and moderately-informed political beings in this country. Those programs include Medicare, The Veterans Administration, VA Healthcare, VA Loans, WIC Program, Medicaid, Foodstamps, Tax deferments, credits for Oil companies, and farm subsidies. These are a few examples of good, old-fashioned socialism.

Socialism is not Communism. Communism does entail a certain amount of socialism. But so does a Republic government…Democracies built on capitalism. They all entail even more socialism that we take for granted on a day to day basis.

As an individual, I believe that Progressive Liberalism means many things: The control and prudently careful regulation of capitalism. Taking society’s responsibility for the poor and mentally ill seriously. The rejection of the survival of the fittest mentality, the sheep vs. wolf vs. shepherd ideology. We must evolve past these simple rudimentary philosophies. States rights are important, but not when they infringe on basic rights or expectations of all. What good is a federal society if states are given free reign to create islands of discrimination, de-regulation of business and large corporations, and voting rights abuses.


Libertarians and Conservatives love to remind us all that the Federal Government is there only to protect us from foreign invasion, handle foreign relations, administer to the Interstate Highway system and to coin money. Of course, there’s a few things in between, but not much. They point to the Constitution as if it’s the rocks upon which the 10 Commandments were etched. But what they try to forget is that the Constitution has amendments. Easy constitutional targets include the fact that slavery was once constitutional. Women voting was once unconstitutional. Little things like that.

The Constitution is a living, breathing and changing idea. Liberal Progressives want to create an enlightened and culturally modern Constitution, whereas Conservative Libertarians want to go back to the days where there was no EPA, plenty of smog and smog-causing jobs, because jobs are more important than people living and breathing, especially when you’re too short-sighted to develop jobs in a new, modern business environment. So many more examples…so little time and space.


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We will discuss politics, climate science, sports, family paradigms, American culture, the economy, the defense budget, foreign policy, marijuana, the war on drugs, Fox News, religion, the environment, entertainment, LGBT rights, voting rights, civil rights, women’s rights, veteran’s rights, guns and ammo, immigration reform, and more. Ideas about discrimination, race, nationality, sexual mores, the UNIVERSE, (including aliens, space ships and movies). Truths, guesses, theories, lies, and opinions. It may make you think, it may make you angry. It sometimes may make you laugh out loud. In any event, we only hope that it makes you want to read future blog posts.

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